Blackberry Mountain
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Blackberry Mountain is a reflection of both the natural beauty of the land and a commitment to excellence in service and experience.


Spanning 5,200 acres in the Great Smoky Mountains, Blackberry Mountain continues a legacy of world renowned hospitality and unwavering dedication and appreciation for the land. Rising above Miller’s Cove in Walland, TN, Blackberry Mountain has dedicated 2,800 acres of land to conservation. This effort to preserve the natural wonder of the mountains offers breathtaking views and a serene escape from the stresses of modern life in a private national park setting. A commitment to land conservation and a passion for sharing the wonders of life in the Smokies shapes the unprecedented experience that awaits on Blackberry Mountain. Outfitted for adventure and designed for comfort, this estate takes the Blackberry State of Mind to new heights.

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Meet The Family

The Beall family, known for their visionary success and excellence in service at the award winning property Blackberry Farm, expanded their commitment to the Great Smoky Mountains region and continued their tradition of offering elevated hospitality with the opening of a new property in 2018 – Blackberry Mountain. Sandy and Kreis Beall opened Blackberry Farm in 1976 as a charming six-room country inn. Their son, Sam Beall, stepped into the role of Proprietor in the early 2000’s to continue the Beall family’s dream of creating cherished experiences and sharing traditions of Southern hospitality. Sam’s vision and inspirational commitment to his work grew Blackberry Farm into the world renowned establishment it is today. Sam’s love and appreciation for delicious cuisine, great wines and sharing memorable moments with family, friends and guests alike shaped the foundations for the standard of service at the Farm and now at the Mountain.

Following Sam’s untimely passing in 2016, Sam’s wife, Mary Celeste, became Proprietor and committed to continuing the Beall family’s work. She embraced the responsibilities of expanding possibilities and providing magical experiences and has now led the largest expansion of the company to date with the creation of Blackberry Mountain.

Together Kreis, Sandy and Mary Celeste carry on Sam’s legacy with the highly awarded Blackberry Farm team. With an unwavering commitment to the land and the highest quality of excellence, the adventure continues with new life on Blackberry Mountain.

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