Blackberry Mountain
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Connect to the Mountain and find a life in harmony with nature.

Spa & Wellness

Wellness at Blackberry Mountain is designed for the purist, the adventure seeker, the modern traveler. Just as you will explore the land and elements of the Mountain, we invite you to explore a deeper, inner connection with yourself and the natural world around you.

Our spa is a modern retreat tucked into a beautiful, natural setting. An intimate venue with eight treatment rooms invites guests to give into relaxation in the natural calm of the mountains. The swimming pool is open year round, heated to a comfortable temperature during colder months, and features an infinity edge perfect for enjoying the captivating surroundings. The spa offers a boutique, salon, peaceful lounge and locker rooms equipped with a sauna and steam showers. A holistic approach to skincare features Ayurvedic wellness services that focus on the delicate balance between the mind, body and spirit.

Cleanse your skin with a Smoky Mountain Clay Wrap, connect with nature with a Forest Bathing Massage, target specific areas of healing with acupuncture or enjoy personalized herbalist consultations to create a spa experience tailored to your individual needs. The Mountain provides a calming and inspiring setting to explore your personal wellness journey. Aerial Forest Yoga, Treetop Meditation, Water Meditation and Floating Yoga transform familiar exercises into extraordinary experiences that bring a new level of challenge and self-discovery. Pursuing wellness on the Mountain means discovering what drives you and pushing your mental and physical self to your peak.

Let the natural healing powers of the land restore mind and body.