Blackberry Mountain
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Blackberry Mountain 2019 Events Lineup

Gatherings & Retreats

Dr. Brené Brown & Shauna Niequist 4/4-7

Blackberry Mountain House Party Hosted by Christina Grdovic Feat. Andrew Zimmern, Annie Favia-Erickson & Andy Erickson 4/11-14

Family Camp with David Thomas 7/14-17

Life of A Sommelier with Jordan Salcito & Andy Chabot 8/11-14

Blackberry Mountain House Party Hosted by Laura Vinroot Poole & Barrie Benson Feat. Irene Neuwirth & More 9/5-8

Yoga With Amy Ippoliti 9/8-11

Healing Food with Seamus Mullen 9/29-10/2

Hiking with Jennifer Pharr Davis 10/27-30

Flow & Nourish with Charlotte Hardwick 11/3-6


Wine with Jasmine Hirsch 3/28-3/31

Create with Andrew Saftel 5/2-7

Lifestyle Conversation with Liz Moody 6/8

Culinary Conversation with Justin Chapple 6/29

Ever Onward with Commander Rorke Denver 7/25-30

Holistic Healing with Dr. Jill Beasley 10/4-9

Music & Mixology with The Milk Carton Kids & Attaboy 10/13-17

Floral Design with Mindy Rice 11/8-12

Ride & Sweat with Jessi Duley of Burn Cycle 11/10-15

Bourbon with Julian Van Winkle 12/4-8

Pottery with Leanne McQueen 12/8-12

Retreat to the Mountain