Blackberry Mountain
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Explore. Awaken. Transcend.

Gatherings and Retreats at Blackberry Mountain are multifaceted. With curated programming and inspired story, events summon you to challenge, thrive, nourish, enhance and connect, making memories and gaining perspective that will travel with you far beyond the Mountain.

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Dare to defy your usual boundaries and go deeper at the Mountain. Dive into conversation, get lost in meditation, and engage in your natural surroundings for a mental and sensory experience that pushes beyond your every day. Hike further, pedal harder, climb higher to shatter your preconceived physical limitations.


Nurturing well-being involves a thoughtful balance of mindfulness, nutrition, movement and meditation. Connect with the natural rhythms of nature and explore personal nourishment to guide you to happiness.


Menus are purposeful to the event. In line with philosophy and goals, the right food is an essential ingredient to an experience. Enjoy delicious and inspired food that will fuel our physical adventures and nourish our bodies for full engagement and contentment.


Tantalize the mind with rare and stirring opportunities to interact with artists, speakers and innovators as they soak up inspiration on the Mountain. We invite you to intimate moments in an environment that stimulates creativity.


Create a bond. Unite in chasing goals without abandon, seeking opportunity to grow and pursuing a well-lived life. We are with you every step of your journey. Guided by experts from the Mountain and beyond, feel fully supported to achieve your goals and embrace your personal adventure.


The challenge lives on. We aim to equip you with knowledge and inspiration that will continue motivating you long after your journey on the Mountain is over. Whether it’s a workout regimen, a collection of favorite recipes or a daily affirmation, we will send you with the assurance that what you encounter here will have a lasting impact.

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