Blackberry Mountain
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Wheel Thrown Pottery

Experience the feel of clay in your hands as your imagination takes shape on the wheel. Explore the techniques and tools of the craft in an experience you won’t soon forget. Discover the art of wheel thrown pottery with instruction for all skill levels. All work will be fired by our team upon completion.

  • 2 Hour Hand Thrown Pottery
  • 4 Hour Hand Thrown Pottery

Hand-Building Ceramics

Be inspired by the shape and beauty of the Mountain as you learn the process of hand-building ceramics. Explore and create with age-old techniques including pinch forming, coil building and slab construction while enjoying the meditative personal discovery of working in clay.

  • 2 Hour Hand Building Ceramics
  • 4 Hour Hand Building Ceramics

Acrylic Painting

The Mountain offers inspiration at every turn. From quiet wooded streams to open panoramic views, stretch your imagination and creativity through colorful painting on canvas. Informative instruction will be centered on composition, color, texture, and design.

  • 2 Hour Studio Painting
  • 2 Hour Painting in the Field


Vast panoramic views. The fine, intricate veins of a maple leaf. From the big picture to the small details, the beauty of the Mountain can be seen in infinite ways. Join us on a journey through sketching our beautiful landscape and the elements that comprise it. Capture the sights and visions of your stay and discover a skill that can travel with you throughout the world.

  • 2 Hours Studio Sketching
  • 2 Hours in the Field Sketching

Basket Making

Create your own handwoven basket for collecting mountain treasures. Using grapevine from the forested hillsides of the mountain, craft traditional berry baskets to use for years to come as you remember your journey on the Mountain.

  • 2 Hour Basket Making
  • 4 Hour Basket Making

Textile Art

Celebrate traditional folk art of the Tennessee foothills. Try a variety of designs and materials, from hand-stitched needlepoint to quilting, felting and cross stitch. Create your own textile art inspired by the beauty and culture surrounding the Mountain.

  • 2 Hour Textile Art
  • 4 Hour Textile Art

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