Blackberry Mountain
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Cooking Demo

Join one of our artisans or chefs in preparation of a seasonal, three-course, midday meal inspired by the Mountain, and enjoy lunch paired with a glass of wine or Blackberry Farm Brewery beer. Offering is seasonal.

Understanding Terroir

This tasting will cover the topic of “terroir” and what it refers to in the world of wine. In general, terroir can be defined as the entire ecology of a vineyard, yet there is so much more meaning behind the word and many ways to comprehend it. Wines that are considered archetypal of their region will be featured and accompanied with discussion on what defines them. The wines will provide a framework for better understanding what typicity means in a wine as well as the cause and effect of climate, soil, vineyard management and the winemaking.

  • Tasting available for up to 12 guests

Firetower Mixology

This mixology class will showcase unique spirits such as Amari, Mezcal and Gin, covering their provenance, distillation methods, uses in cocktails and flavor profiles. Additionally, wild edibles and foraged roots, herbs and plants are often incorporated in the Firetower Cocktail Program. Guests will have the opportunity to taste through these unique spirits and cocktails as well as learn about foraged items and their applications in cocktails.

  • Class available for up to 6 guests

For more information or to plan you stay, call 865-380-2086.